Posted by: briellethefirst | January 18, 2011

Kid’s Parfait

I decided to let the kids make their own parfaits for snack when they get here today. Vanilla yogurt, sliced bananas and genache should keep them occupied for a while. Since you can slice bananas with butter knives the kids can start learning knife safety, too. The method is simple: spoon a little yogurt into a parfait glass. Slice bananas and add a few slices in a layer. You can add grapes, raisins or other berries, too. Spoon in another layer of yogurt and repeat the layering until the parfait glasses are full. Drizzle chocolate syrup or genache on top. Enjoy.

You can substitute pudding or ice cream for yogurt and any syrup or fruit purée for chocolate syrup. Chopped nuts make a nice finish at the top if you want something crunchy. If you like cinnamon sprinkle that on, or nutmeg. It’s easy hot weather non-cooking cooking with kids and your (their) only limit is imagination and what’s in the pantry. Cake or brownie pieces would be yummy as would cookie crumbs and candy pieces. The point is to have fun while introducing kids to making good food and nutrition. I’ll add pictures later.


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