Posted by: briellethefirst | January 30, 2011

Easy Hamburgers

You can make fancy, yummy hamburgers by mixing up your favourite meat loaf recipe and making hamburgers instead. Or you can just make plain old burgers from plain old ground meat, usually beef, but you can try other ground stuff like pork or turkey. Simply make a patty for each person, they can vary in size if you’re cooking for a mixed bunch of kids, adults and light or heavy appetites. Or you can make a bunch of smaller patties and serve them on dinner rolls or biscuits so people can have more than one if they wish. This leaves room for side dishes like chips, salad, cole slaw, fries, beans and deserts. Side dishes are up to you and your imagination. So, to make the world’s best simple hamburger you just take a hot skillet with a little butter or bacon grease to keep the hamburger from sticking initially, or use a grill, put the plain hamburger patty in it and sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg and pepper. Cook to your desired done-ness. When you turn it add cheese if desired so it has time to melt. If you are using a skillet and like onions you can form the patty with an onion slice on one side, cooking that side first.  It can get messy on a grill, though.

If you want to make your own buns now is too late, plan better next time. Biscuits and freezer rolls are quick, though, if you haven’t started cooking the meat yet. Prepare your buns, biscuits or bread while the patty’s finishing. Toasting it is optional, as is lightly buttering or putting mayonnaise on the bread or bun before you toast it. Place the hamburger on the bun and dress with condiments of your choice. Mayonnaise, catchup and mustard are standard but steak sauce, salad dressing, salsa relish and chutney are interesting options. Vegies that commonly end up on hamburgers are lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickles and onions but you can try bell peppers, hot peppers and anything you happen to fancy. Usually we use American cheese but you can try Swiss, cheddar, Gouda or anything you have on hand. If you have bacon left over from breakfast (I know, that’s a big if!) you can use it on the burger, too. While you’re cooking the hamburger a dash of Worcestershire, terriyaki or soy sauce makes a nice variation.

It’s nice to be a purist and have a plain, old hamburger once in a while. It’s also nice to customize your meals to your mood or the occasion. Hamburgers can even be considered holiday food since they are such common fare on the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day and any excuse to use the barbecue. Another useful tip: if you only have hot dog buns you can form your hamburgers into long patties instead of round to fit them. Experiment, have fun and enjoy cooking!


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