Posted by: briellethefirst | February 22, 2011

Genache And Truffles

Mmmm…chocolaty goodness! This is that yummy coating on petit fours, rich icing for cakes, decadent topping for ice cream  and the center of truffles. It’s really easy, and only 2 ingredients: chocolate and cream. So easy that when you do it with the kids the hardest part is waiting for it to melt. No, I won’t give you a low-fat/sugar-free/wimpy-ass alternative. If you want something nice make it right. The benefit will be that instead of putting it off, feeling deprived and suffering through cravings you can make something wonderful that you can look forward to, reward yourself with and savour, while you pamper yourself soaking in a tub of lovely scented bubbles or bath salts, candles, tea and a magazine, mystery or penny dreadful. Procrastination is your friend. I find that no amount of substitution will satisfy me, but if I allow myself to have the brownie/candy/ice cream or whatever I’m really hungry for I can enjoy just a reasonable amount (often at bedtime, dinner fills me up!) and be happy. Don’t cave in to the lesser stuff like cheap store-bought cookies, candy bars or other stuff that won’t fill that craving. Look forward to a lovely total sensory treat later. It’s sooo worth it!

1 c chocolate chips   1/2 c cream (whipping or heavy)

Put the chips in a bowl. Warm the cream to just boiling. Pour the cream over the chips and let sit a few minutes until the chips melt. Mix well then pour/spread over cakes/petit fours or ice cream or set it aside to set up. This will be faster in the fridge. When it is firm you can scoop bits out with a spoon, roll quickly into a ball (be very quick, it melts fast) and roll in cocoa, powdered sugar or cocoa drink mix and set aside for later. You could also just roll them and put them in the fridge or freezer to firm up so you can cover them in regular melted chocolate. When done I keep mine in a tin lined with waxed paper.

Experiment with different types of chocolate (if you use chocolate from chunks or blocks shave or break it first) to get different consistencies, flavours and effects. Using less chocolate or milk chocolate makes a softer genache that doesn’t firm, using more chocolate makes it firmer. You can even try white chocolate and colour it for decorations. You can also experiment with flavouring. Crush some mint and add to the milk before you heat it to make mint chocolate or just add a few drops of any extract you like.

On a cold night or morning or any time for that matter I’ve found that if you heat some milk and drop in one or two of the truffles you get a really nummy hot chocolate. Stir with a cinnamon stick, candy cane or old-fashioned stick candy. Enjoy in front of the fire, wood stove or that video of a fire. Or better yet, games with the family or a good book. A reward after real work or a treat with real fun: real food…mmm!


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