Posted by: briellethefirst | February 25, 2011

Egg Pasta

The Kenz needed a baby-sit again so no writing on the book till later. We did get stuff made. I worked on the Celtic knot-work around the edge of my big leather chessboard while she played PBS games. The she wanted to make more chocolate candy like the last stuff. Yeah, genache is addictive & I’ve got another choco-fiend hooked! Then we made meringues  While the genache was firming up in the fridge.The recipe will be posted soon. Since meringue only uses egg whites I had to find something to use the yolks in. Decided on pasta for dinner. From scratch. It’s not as hard as you’d think.

Make a pile out of 1 1/4 c flour. Make it into a volcano. Into the crater add 2 large yolks, 1 Tbsp Olive oil and enough water to make it hold together, about 1/8 c, but add it bit by bit. Don’t worry about it sticking to the counter. By some magic it ends up wanting to stick more to itself than the counter.

Mix it with your hands. It won’t take long for you to develop a mixing technique. Usually it starts with gingerly teasing the flour into the volcano crater with the tips of your fingers while trying to get as little wet stuff on them as possible. Add the water in dribbles as needed. When it’s all together in a nice firm ball wrap it in plastic wrap and set it aside to rest for about 1/2 an hour while you do something productive.

Toss a little flour on the counter (you did clean it after the mixing?) and roll the dough out. Don’t forget to take off the plastic wrap. Roll from the center out and turn it 1/4 turn every few rolls. Dust it with flour if needed, brushing it off where it settles in thick spots so it doesn’t make dents in the dough. When it’s as thin as you can comfortably get it roll it up like a jelly roll with no filling. Cut the roll from the end into fettuccine as wide or narrow as you like it, unrolling each of the slices and piling onto a plate to dry. Toss with a little flour if it starts sticking together.

Boil like regular pasta, in salted water but it won’t take as long because it’s fresh. Top with butter or Olive oil and herbs, maybe a little Parmesan or your favourite pasta sauce.


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