Posted by: briellethefirst | February 26, 2011

Bacon Alfredo Sauce

I had to use 2 leftover egg yolks and wanted to do something a little different and special with the noodles I just made, so I thawed a package of bacon and made this.

Cook 2 strips of bacon until enough fat is rendered to sauté onions. Slice, chop or mince an onion as finely as you like and sauté with the bacon. When the onions are as done as you like add about a cup of half and half or milk. Whisk 2 yolks, temper with a spoonful of hot milk sauce then add to the sauce, stirring it in before it can cook separately. Add Parmesan, pepper and salt to taste.

Serve immediately on pasta with a salad, garlic toast and a nice wine. Something light and fruity for desert would be nice.


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