Posted by: briellethefirst | March 20, 2011


Yum! Croutons…a favourite addition to soups and salads…and a yummy snack, too! Not only are they simple to make but they also use up and preserve yesterdays bread (if you can resist their butter, savoury yumminess).  Start with yesterday’s leftover bread. Slice it, then stack the slices manageably-high and cut them into sticks, then cut the sticks into cubes. The exact size is up to you. Now take a big bowl, a cookie sheet and a frying pan, put the bread cubes in one bowl and melt 2 Tbsp butter in the pan over medium heat. Take a handful of bread cubes and toss into the melted butter, tossing them gently but quickly to distribute the butter as evenly as possible. Brown lightly and turn them out onto the cookie sheet. Spread the cubes in an even layer on one end of the sheet so the next batch has room. Melt more butter in the pan, add garlic or herbs or wine or Worcestershire sauce or…whatever sounds good to you and repeat until you are out of bread cubes. You may need more than one cookie sheet. Salt and bake at 250 deg f. for 10 minutes or until dry. When cool store in plastic containers, zip-close bags or decorative counter-top containers. Serve with soup, salads, as a garnish, zap in the blender for emergency bread crumbs or just eat as a snack. Yes, it’s buttery (you cold have substituted olive oil) but at least you know what’s in it (and what’s not, like preservatives), And you worked to make it so you’ll be more careful about portion control.


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