Posted by: briellethefirst | May 2, 2011

Braised Pork Chops With Apples

Pork chops were on sale and I remembered something a friend used to make and I had apples, so I bought them. Then the remembering and figuring really began. I should have measured but didn’t realize it was going to be good enough to blog about. If you try this at home (and I suggest you do) don’t put too much liquid in at a time, you don’t want the pan soupy but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t go dry! Burning is BAD! Having too much liquid is better than not enough, so if there’s too much when the pork-shops are done just set them aside to rest while you simmer the liquid down into a nice reduction sauce with the apples and mushrooms. Now back to our regularly scheduled recipe.

I pulled out a big bowl, put the pork in it and sprinkled them with garlic powder, pepper, a little Worcestershire Sauce and soy sauce. Then I realized I didn’t have ginger so I stuck the meat in the fridge and went to the store. While there I saw some sliced mushrooms on sale so I grabbed them, too.

When I got back I put a frying pan on medium heat with a couple of Tbsp Olive oil, chopped up an onion and started sautéing the onion til it was almost translucent, stirring occasionally. I found my small hand-held grater, stirred the onions, broke off a small finger of ginger, stirred the onions, grated the ginger in with the onions and stirred. I then decided it was time to open the chardonnay that had also been on sale and looked for my garlic. No garlic. I was sure I’d bought some…about this time the onions seemed a bit dry so I splashed in some wine. Good thing I opened it when I did! I sprinkled in some powdered garlic (NOT garlic salt! just garlic) and splashed in a little more olive oil as I shimmied in the 3 pork-chops.

While the pork-chops were lightly browning on one side I quartered an apple and cored it. I turned the pork-chops and after a couple of minutes turned them again, sloshed in some wine, added the apples and mushrooms, turned it to a simmer and covered it for about 20 minutes. We want pork to be done all the way through.

While I was waiting for the pork to finish I put the extra marinade in a small saucepan and brought it to a boil with a splash of wine. Then I added 3 large Tbsp of chunky peanut butter and mixed. Then it needed more wine to thin. I added a knife-tip of Sambal oelek (a spicy chili mixture found in many import markets) and mixed well. Then I decided to add a splash of orange juice to brighten it up and threw some juice in with the pork-chops too. Serve the peanut sauce on the side as optional, but try it…it’s yummy!

Serve with a salad and rice or potatoes or chapati or fresh bread. Something fruity would be good for desert. Sorry I didn’t take a picture, it was gone before I thought about it.


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