Posted by: briellethefirst | June 10, 2011

Cooking Single-Handed

It has recently occurred to me that one may, at times, need to cook using only one hand. Holding a baby, arm in a cast or sling…whatever, you get the idea. It’s not easy. A food processor makes it easier. See my tepenade recipe. And eggs. I’m recently going crazy for eggs. I learned to crack them one-handed years ago just so I could show off so lately they are my fall-back cooking after making tepenade, dry toast and PB&J. I thought sardines would be easy but the can’s a b…nuisance to open! The leftovers in the freezer sparked up dinners once my appetite came back and store-bought chicken pot pies were the guilty easy-out. I picked up some cold cuts and sliced cheese and realized that mayonnaise and mustard are much easier to spread than peanut-butter. NOW I figure that out! Silly me! I already have a Quiche recipe up, and herbed noodles and beans. Now I need to post oatmeal and rice. There’s got to be more creative stuff…opening cans and packages is NOT easy, so once I’ve finished the cereal I’ll wait for someone else to open the next box. On the other hand, fresh fruit and veggies are easy to just wash and eat if no serious cutting or peeling is involved. Bananas peel easy if you squeeze the end opposite the stem. Really! Try it! If/when I come up with more stuff I’ll add more recipes and when I have more movement in my right arm I’ll take some pictures to post into the recipes. Happy cooking and healthy eating!


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