Posted by: briellethefirst | June 11, 2011

Fried Eggs

Sunny side up, over easy, scrambled… yum! The kids love eating eggs they gathered themselves. It’s the easiest thing in the world to cook, a great fast lunch or dinner and goes with so many things. First warm up a frying pan over medium heat and toss in a knob of butter. What’s a knob? A little bit, enough to do the job. Just enough to keep the egg from sticking ton the pan but not enough to get greasy. So, when it’s melted and spread around, crack an egg on the side of the pan and drop it in. Season with salt and pepper. If you want sunny side up wait till the white is cooked all the way through and then scoop it out with a spatula.

If you want easy over (the yolk gets more done this way but it’s not as spectacular) when the white is solid enough on the bottom to flip, turn quickly but gently so you don’t break the yolk…but don’t worry if you do.Season with salt and pepper.

Want scrambled? There are 2 ways to do this. One is to just break the egg into the pan, break the yolk and scramble it gently til it’s cooked through. The other is to break the egg into a bowl, pour in a dash of milk (and maybe some herbs to taste), scramble and pour into the pan. Scramble til done to your satisfaction. Some people like them still a bit damp and others like them dry.

Toad in the Hole. Tear a hole in the middle of a piece of bread. Put into the melted butter. Break an egg and drop it into the hole. If there’s enough room fry the hole from the middle of the bread at the same time. When the white is done enough flip over. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with toast, hash browns, sausage, bacon, on corned beef hash, between 2 pieces of bread with mayonnaise and mustard and cheese as a sandwich, or with or on anything else you can think of. Add salsa to make it huevos rancheros. Add cheese just for fun. Wrap in a tortilla with stuff for a mobile breakfast. The nice thing is, aside from being inexpensive, versatile, fast and easy, you can do this with one hand. Cracking hands with one hand is really impressive, so start practicing!


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