Posted by: briellethefirst | July 3, 2011

Yesterday’s Harvest, Today’s Salsa

Yesterday's harvest

Yesterday’s harvest

Yep. Somehow I managed to keep the chickens off the basil, pepper and a tomato…with milk crates over the stuff that was out back. The onion and cilantro were from out front.

Cut up half a large onion, then take the seeds and white ribs out of the pepper and mince it. I used an Anaheim, better flavour and lighter heat…I don’t have anything to prove and really don’t need to burn out any more taste-buds. Cut up the tomatoes and chop the basil and cilantro. If you have oregano and garlic and want to add either of them, toss them right in. Grind some pepper in and add a generous spoonful of salt and the juice of one lemon or lime. Mix well and chill in the fridge for about an hour or two. You can serve it like this, chunky and juicy, or you can take 1/3 to 1/2 and zap it in a food processor or blender then mix the purée back in to thicken a bit. Serve with chips or any Mexican food you happen to throw together.

Tonight’s dinner: cheese, beef and bean burro and a cheese crisp.

Today's Salsa

Today’s Salsa

Tonight's Dinner

Tonight’s Dinner


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