Posted by: briellethefirst | July 7, 2011

Paper Fans…A Forgotten Art?

Yet another sweltering summer and you forgot your fan…or lost it…or never had one to begin with. So until you find that way-cool cute/pretty/gimmicky/fancy fan you forgot or lost or while you’re getting around to choosing just the right one here’s a reminder of how to fold a paper fan like we did in school.

First fold

First fold

Take 1 sheet of paper. Fold once along the edge like this.

Second fold...etc.

Second fold...etc.

Then fold it back the other way like this.



Keep it up until you get it all folded, then staple one end.

Fan away! Whew!

Fan away! Whew!

Now fan out the other end and cool yourself.

Now that you’ve got some experience, break out the crayons, markers, paints, stamps or whatever and pretty up the next one. The smaller you make the folds the finer and prettier your fan will be. Show the kids how so they can occupy themselves for a bit decorating and folding fans for themselves and friends. You can even punch a hole in the stapled end and put a tassel on. Have fun and stay cool, now.


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