Posted by: briellethefirst | August 12, 2011

It’s Hot Out! How ‘Bout a Drink?

Whew! Long day. Need something cool and fun. Ages ago I thought it’d be a good idea to buy frozen fruit cocktail…since the kids cleaned out the cans practically before I could put them away. The kids didn’t like the frozen. So there we were, on a hot day, trying to figure out what to do and how to cool off. Raid the fridge! Nothing promising…check the big freezer…jackpot! Frozen fruit salad! Make fruit slushies! Easy…

Grab the blender. If you don’t have one I’ll assume you aren’t married yet and since this is no reason for drastic measures, just run to the mall, big-box-store or favourite kitchen gadget shop. Read the boxes, find one that seems practical and not cheap but not expensive. I like my glass pitcher but a lot of people prefer plastic. Some people like knobs to turn, but I like buttons to push. Try to keep it simple, more options aren’t always a good thing. Pay for it, take it home and plug it in.

Open the bag of frozen fruit salad. Some brands may call it mixed fruit…same thing. It will probably have a blend of peaches, pineapple, strawberries, grapes  and maybe mango or some other fun fruit. Fill the blender loosely with the frozen fruit. Grab your bottle of rum and pour in a couple of ounces. This is a ‘to taste’ thing and completely optional. Skip it if you don’t like rum. Fill the blender with orange juice and whiz it into wonderful, smooth, yummy coolness. Pour into fancy goblets (it’s more fun that way).

If you make a couple of blenders-full for a mixed-age party be sure to label the over-21 pitcher and keep the over-21 drinkables where someone can keep an eye on them. At my sister’s wedding (once-upon-a-time) somehow the label on the punch…well…we ended up with some briefly silly kids…whoops! Quick switch.

If you want to use a single frozen fruit or buy individual bags of fruit to make your own custom blend (in case of allergies, perhaps) that’s a great idea. Try different kinds of juice or even lemonade, limeade or fruit punch instead of orange juice. If you want to try tequila instead of rum…you can do that, too. If you like that sort of thing, of course. Either way, it’s lovely to enjoy by the pool, next to the grill, in the garden or around the table with friends on any summer holiday. Have fun.


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