Posted by: briellethefirst | April 6, 2013

Home-Made Fly Trap

It’s getting warm around here and the kids are playing outside more. And leaving the door open…or was that just an odd burst of wind that blew it open? Of course it was. Anyway, there’s a couple of pesky flies buzzing around…what to do, what to do? Flypaper always seems to catch me just beyond my peripheral vision in nasty and icky ways. Those cheap commercial ones from the hardware store or the feed and seed work great but smell beyond terrible! Here’s something inexpensive you can do in no time at pretty much no cost. Pull a plastic soda or water bottle out of the recycling. Cut the top off and toss the cap (unless you save them for the codes on the inside).

Decapitate a soda bottle

Decapitate a soda bottle

Turn the top upside-down into the bottom. Tape it in place.

Inverted top

Inverted top taped in place

Pour something inside that is attractive to flies. Coffee, milk, tuna water you just drained from the can, beer or even just water work. At least they need something to fall into and drown.

Tantalizing Fly Bait

Tantalizing Fly Bait

Leave this on the counter to attract any flies the kids let in. Since it’s cheap (basically already trash) there’s no problem tossing it into the trash when someone drops by for a visit and since it’s easy you can make another any time the kids let another fly in.



  1. […] Another passive method of trapping and drowning flies, this trap employs a pop bottle and some form of liquid attractant that also drowns the hapless flies that make it into the trap. And yet another great idea in this article for bait, there are many kinds of baits that work great for killing fruit flies! […]

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