Posted by: briellethefirst | October 14, 2013


NOW (I think) the garden is puppy-proof.


Chicken wire, better rope fastening & a cement block

We’ll see. The special coloured cotton (green and brown), some flowers, melons and zucchini have been replanted. I put in the artichokes, Yukon gold potatoes,

Artichokes & potatoes

Artichokes, Yukon gold potatoes etc.

red potatoes and 2 purple potatoes (to surprise the kids when they help me dig the new potatoes). I also planted more alyssum, carrots and leeks around the edges of the beds and put 2 sweet 100 tomatoes in one corner and a couple of yellow pear tomatoes in another corner with lemon verbena in the middle and a ginger rhizome in another corner of what I’ve dug so far.

& a purple surprise hiding

Tomatoes, potatoes, ginger & lemon verbena.

Sprinkled a couple borage seeds in there too. Looks like the garden’s about 1/4 done. Now to pick up some strawberries and figure out what else to put in the last bit of the garden. Maybe some beans and mustard. Somehow I always run out of garden before I run out of seeds and 6-packs. If you noticed the pinwheels, those are to scare away the birds before they eat my lettuce. We’ll be getting dinner from the garden in a few weeks.

Getting there

Almost done!

still growing

The 1st bit planted showing progress.


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