Posted by: briellethefirst | November 19, 2013


What to do with old bread? Is it possible to preserve bread? Absolutely! When your bread goes a bit stale, and before it gets fuzzy or too dry hard as a rock, cut it into cubes.

Cubed bread

Bread cubes

Dry them a bit more in a warm oven (if you have the patience). At this point, when they are absolutely dry, you can just put them in a container and keep them til you need them, but wait, there’s more… Melt a couple of Tablespoons of butter in a pan, or use olive oil if you like.

Melted butter and flavourings

Melted butter and flavourings

Add Worcestershire sauce and any other flavourings you like at the moment (garlic, pepper, basil…). Saute a layer of bread cubes until they all have some flavour on them and they’ve sopped up the butter.

sopping up flavour

Soaking up flavour

Spread the cubes on a cookie sheet, repeat if you have more bread cubes until they are all flavoured up. Dry them in a warm oven (250-350 degrees f) until golden brown.



The warmer the oven the faster they will dry and brown, so check them frequently. Serve with soups and salads if they last til the next meal. You’ll find they are great for snacking.



At least this is a snack food that you have made yourself and you know what’s in it!


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