Posted by: briellethefirst | June 11, 2015

I’ve Been Absent, But I’m OK

I haven’t been posting as much as (wow! Has it really been that long!?) … well, life happened. Unemployment sucked but made more time to write, so I did! Then friends died, I had to put a my dog to sleep and  a crappy job took up most of my time (working then recovering). Film-making, critters, music, gardens and good friends have been bright spots in life. Still doing the crappy job. Still finding bright spots in sadness. Thank you all. Seeing the views even when I haven’t written for months had helped immensely.

I do keep having ideas but they usually happen when my hands are otherwise occupied (mostly as a meat librarian, but that’s another story) cleaning, opening boxes of meat to shelve, pruning or so many other random non-writing things. I do have a few posts in draft form to finish, and many more notes on ideas I’ve managed to scribble…I know they’re around somewhere…I keep finding them when I look for something else…

I’ve still got some unpleasantness to wade through, then I hope to be able to restart my life and write more. Keep being your interesting selves and I’ll try to write more. In the mean time, here’s a random picture:

Posh the attack Cat

Posh, protector of the property and all within


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