Posted by: briellethefirst | August 19, 2015

Fun Adult Fruit Smoothie

I feel horrible today, but that’s still better than the past few days when I felt like death and was happy laying abed drowsing through PBS programming. Not sure if any of the educational stuff from PBS will stick in my brain, but it couldn’t hurt. I still don’t feel like eating much and am definitely not up to cooking, but need something nutritious to perk me up. I know, a smoothie! Easy.

frozen fruit in blender

Fill a blender with frozen fruit

First pull our your blender. What? You don’t have one? Get one! No, you don’t have to get married to get one as a gift, everyone should have one. They’re inexpensive enough at those big-box-stores. I’ll wait. That’s OK, I’ll just sip my smoothie…and get some frozen fruit while you’re out! … … … OK? Right. Now You need to fill it with your favourite blend of frozen fruit.

rum...or whatever

about this much rum

Now put in about this much rum. OK, if all you have is tequila, that’s OK too. What? Whiskey? OK, maybe that’ll do, but I really prefer rum. It is for medicinal purposes only, after all. Of course I expect you to believe that. When I’m over this crud I may expect something else, but for now that’s my therapy and I’m sticking to it. If you want to make this kid-friendly, just skip this step.

juice goes in

Add the juice

Fill the blender up with juice. I usually use orange juice, but pineapple, apple, grapefruit or even lemonade will work. Did you seriously just ask if Tang counts!? Of course it does! Sheesh, just pour it in.



Now put the cover on. Yes, I am including that in the instructions! You’d be surprised how many people forget, especially after their first pitcher! You really want the cover on when you hit the blend buttons. Now blend. I start on a low setting and kick it up to high to finish. It only takes a minute or two.



Serve in a nice stemware glass. OK, anything you happen to have will do, including teacups or those red party cups.

Serve with the usual party fare and enjoy with a movie or some board-games with friends. If you have any fresh fruit you can slice or wedge it up and use it for garnishing the glasses. Yes, if you want to add a banana you can. If you don’t do alcohol or want to share with kids, of course you can leave out the booze! You can even have this as a drinkable desert. When you make it you’re in control. That’s the point of making things yourself. Have fun and be healthy!


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