Posted by: briellethefirst | February 24, 2016

Baked Chicken Quarters

This is more a method than a recipe. It’s also an easy dinner to make with kids.

easy chicken

Easy baked chicken

Pull out all the cake pans and roasters you have. OK, so take out 4 or 5 pans. Open one of those 10 pound bags of chicken quarters. Rinse each one and put 1-3 quarters in each pan. Season each with a different combination of whatever you want. Start with pepper, garlic, onions, parsley and go from there.

Salsa chicken

Salsa chicken

Salsa done

ViviLnk Salsa done

You might do salsa, basil and oregano

Wine and herb chicken

ViviLnk Wine and herb chicken

wine done

ViviLnk wine done

or wine and herbs

Lemon chicken

Vivi Lemon chicken

Lemon done

ViviLnk Lemon done

or lemon pepper

Teriyaki chicken

ViviLnk Teriyaki chicken

teriyaki done

ViviLnk teriyaki done

or teriyaki

or anything else you like. Curry, beer, sweet and sour sauce, bar b que, whatever your heart desires.

in the oven

ViviLnk in the oven

Put the pans in the oven at about 350 degrees for about an hour or so. It doesn’t hurt to turn them once or twice while they cook.

All done

ViviLnk All done

While they’re cooking you can put on some rice, make stuffing, bake a few potatoes and biscuits to go with them. A salad or vegies from the garden would be nice, too. When it’s ready the family can have their favourite for dinner, no one gets to complain about “Oh, THAT again!”. Whatever is left over can be made into other things later in the week. Enchiladas, stir fry, soup, shredded over salad…almost endless variety.

You can also do this with chicken breasts or country-style pork or beef ribs.


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