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ready for lunch

Lunch Pasties

AKA meat pies. I grew up watching my mom make these for dinner. Only later did we find out we’re part Cornish, but many cultures have something similar. This is how we make them.


scrambled meat, onions & soup

Scramble 1 lb of hamburger with 1 chopped onion. When the meat is brown add 1 large can of vegetable beef soup. Rinse the can with wine. Season with Worcestershire sauce, pepper, garlic, basil and whatever sounds good. Cook down into a nice thick stew consistency, then let it cool.

Flatten biscuits on greased cookie sheet

Flatten biscuits on greased cookie sheet

Grease a cookie sheet. Spray oil is easy if you have it. Open a large tube of biscuits. Flatten them 1 at a time.

Add cheese

Add cheese

Put a piece of cheese (or a pinch of grated cheese) in the center of the 1st flat biscuit.

Add filling

Add filling

Add a spoonful of stew.

Fold and crimp

Fold and crimp

Fold biscuit over and crimp closed with a fork.

Poke holes

Poke holes to let steam out

Poke holes in the top to let out steam while cooking. Repeat til all 8 biscuits are filled.

Bake til golden

Bake til golden

Bake at 350 for 10-15 min, until golden brown. Make the next tray while the 1st one is baking. This makes 3 trays of pasties, with a bit left over to put over rice or bread for 1 dinner.

Serve hot or cold for dinner. They’re good plain or with mustard.

I put them 2-to-a-square sandwich tub and freeze for work lunches.

Originally I used this to use up the stew I made from a leftover roast. Mom made them this way when we didn’t have leftovers to get rid of. You can vary the flavour with salsa, BBQ sauce, cream of mushroom soup or change the meat to ham, chicken, turkey or whatever’s left over from another meal.  Different cheeses change the character of the pies, too. I usually use mild cheddar or jack cheese, but Swiss, Gouda, provolone or any other would be an interesting change. Let your imagination go with whatever leftovers you happen to have. If you want to leave out the meat you can, just use whatever vegetables are i season. Tofu makes a nice filler in place of meat. A filling of caramelized onions and mushrooms would be amazing!



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