Posted by: briellethefirst | August 5, 2017

Quick Bean Dip

Put on a movie but ran out of popcorn, unexpected guests pop by, just need a quick snack…here’s one. Sometimes I just call this mini-tostadas and call it dinner…but I’m an adult so I can, ’cause I say so.

Beans, cheese and salsa

Beans, cheese and salsa

Open a can of refried beans into a bowl. Add a handful of grated cheese and some salsa. I use mild so anyone can enjoy and people who want more heat can add it.


Heat in microwave

Mix and microwave for a minute or two until the cheese starts to melt. You could also start in a pan and do this on the stove, but who wants to wash more dishes? Unless you plan on serving from the pan, and that’s OK too.

Mix in sour cream

Mix in some sour cream

Add a dollop or two of sour cream. Mix (I like it a bit streaky, but you can mix thoroughly if you like).


Dip chips and enjoy

Pull out the chips, dip and enjoy.

All measurements are as-you-like-it or to-taste. I usually start with a 16 oz can of beans, since they’re easy to keep around, but f you have leftover homemade refried beans, by all means use them and adjust the other ingredients accordingly. You can add guacamole if you like. Again, mix streakily or serve on the side. Other things to add if you have them: garlic (fresh, sautéed or dried), onions (green/yellow/white/red, diced or sautéed), oregano, basil, cooked ground or shredded meat or whatever you have that sounds good. This is easy enough that even kids can do it.


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