I’ll just introduce myself today. Hi, I’m Brielle. I’m interested in, well, it seems like everything! I do lots of things, a few of them fairly well, and I’d like to start sharing some of this. In no particular order, all the useful (and some not-so-useful but fun/artistic/interesting) stuff I do and end up writing about will eventually show up here. I’ll try to post pictures with each of the posts, but sometimes I get so involved in cooking or making something I don’t think about picking up a camera until it’s too late.  Sorry ’bout that in advance. Other than that, these recipes, crafts and other stuff are mine, I’ve done them, cooked them, made them or (in the case of Arthurian historical considerations or stories) written them as my thoughts on the times or (in the case of folktales) my version of a traditional tale. Hope you enjoy it. Have fun.


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